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Your vision before your eyes


Why you need us

Virtual reality is a big deal. The possibilities are endless.

With our help, you can have your project right before your eyes, for a fraction of the price.

Renovating an office building? In need of employee training? Contact us and let's start working on it!

Why VR and AR benefit you more than you think


Costs less

Need to prepare people for dangerous field work? VR is much cheaper than creating entire training grounds.


Way safer

Training your people to handle dangerous substances? High risk of fire and explosions? With VR and AR this is not the case. Instead of a giant BOOM, you get a "game over" screen. 


Grabs attention

Show instead of tell. Bring your audience to the center of action. People respond to virtual environments much better and with more interest than to normal screens. 

What we do

  • VR Architectural Visualization - immersive and interactive room-scale VR experiences tailored to your project. All we need from you is the floor plan.
  • VR Simulations - virtual walkthroughs, timelapses and experiences. Either completely static or fully interactive.
  • 360 Photo and Video - experience the moment like you are then and there. 360 video and photo are prefect and lightweight solution for an out-of-the-box VR experience.
  • AR Development - looking for a mix between reality and the digital world? Augmented reality is a perfect fit as it can be as simple as using a phone to as complex as having dedicated hardware and wearables.
  • VR & AR Consulting - have a project idea but are not sure about the requirements, features, user responses, what headset to get? We offer consultation on all fronts of VR hardware and software.


Everyone likes to know who they're dealing business with, so here is a little bit about us.

Between us we share experiences working on VR and regular 3D simulations and games
for PC and mobile devices, as well as working for well known companies
specifically Google and Jane Street Capital.

Our paths crossed at the national competition in
algorithm programming in Primošten, Croatia in 2013 and continued all the way to
the University of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

Furthermore, and I believe this is really obvious,
but we are horrible at posing for pictures.

Dominik Gleich


Andro Mikulić


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