VR Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization, also known as ArchViz for short, is the process of creating a full 3D world out of plans. The result is called a render. These renderings are quite impressive and real-looking. They have also been the industry standard for a while.

But what if we can go further than that?

What if we could make it interactive?  
What if we could create a dynamic environment where the user can modify it at real time?
What if we could be INSIDE the render and walk around it just like you walk in real life?

Turns out we can.
At Double Lens, we specialze in VR architectural visualization. What that means is we create a fully walkable and interactable 3D enivronment which allows the user to put on a VR headset and explore the virtual world.

VR and architecture

What makes this such a natural combination?


Incredible perception

VR allows you to get depth perception and sense of scale, while being much cheaper and way more portable than building an actual mackup.



Allowing people to change their environment and interact with it gives a new dimension in showcasing an architectural project.



With a click of a button, customers from all around the world can experience what you have to offer in an instant.

The level of interactability and the grephical fidelity are tied together. If the user has almost complete freedom in changing the environemnt the visuals tend to be a bit lower in realism. On the other hand, should the user just be allowed to explore a pre-set environment, the realism and believeability of the visualizaiton are incredible.

What you need comes down to user requirements. Feel free to contact us to help you figure out what you need for your project!

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